31 January 2008

Lost and Found

...that was one evening last year, sometimes in may, just the night before the last episode of Lost was going to be aired. I was reading out loud the spoilers from the last episode to my wife. I was lucky enough to find all the well kept info about the last season's episode on one of the Lost community web-sites.

yes, I felt that proud and was playing important, and she had her jaw dropped with every new info from the upcoming episode. we both have been addicted (I guess that's the appropriate word) to the show Lost from the very first episode. and no, we did not mind reading the spoilers just hours before watching it...

just today, as I mentioned Elvira that tomorrow morning we'll be watching the new Lost episode, she reminded me of something.

'do you remember' she said to me 'when you said last spring... who's gonna wait till next January for the new episode?' I can't really remember, but hey - it definitely sounds like me :)

anyway, season four opening episode airs in USA in a few hours. I'll grab it tomorrow morning from the usual places and show my support to the notorious four pirates. it was about time to start feeding my brain getting weekly doses of the smartest TV-story ever. (sorry, dex)

PS: strangely enough, the last 13th mobisode of the show takes us back to the very first seconds of the season one. just in time...