31 January 2008


Lost and Found

...that was one evening last year, sometimes in may, just the night before the last episode of Lost was going to be aired. I was reading out loud the spoilers from the last episode to my wife. I was lucky enough to find all the well kept info about the last season's episode on one of the Lost community web-sites.

yes, I felt that proud and was playing important, and she had her jaw dropped with every new info from the upcoming episode. we both have been addicted (I guess that's the appropriate word) to the show Lost from the very first episode. and no, we did not mind reading the spoilers just hours before watching it...

just today, as I mentioned Elvira that tomorrow morning we'll be watching the new Lost episode, she reminded me of something.

'do you remember' she said to me 'when you said last spring... who's gonna wait till next January for the new episode?' I can't really remember, but hey - it definitely sounds like me :)

anyway, season four opening episode airs in USA in a few hours. I'll grab it tomorrow morning from the usual places and show my support to the notorious four pirates. it was about time to start feeding my brain getting weekly doses of the smartest TV-story ever. (sorry, dex)

PS: strangely enough, the last 13th mobisode of the show takes us back to the very first seconds of the season one. just in time...

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"video killed radio star" - remember?

...back in 1981 there was this guy Trevor Horn, in years to come yet to be called the super music producer. the first one of his kind as long as my humble musical memory serves me. I mean, surely there had to be famous rock producers before Mr. Horn, but in my musical timeline he was the first one to come. in 1984 he produced this super single Relax for than highly controversial band Frankie Goes To Hollywood. few more singles and two albums for FGTH as well as his work under The Art Of Noise have kept his name alive for a few decades. at least for me...

his first big hit as a producer and as an author was that song video killed radio star. the band he played in was Buggles. not that I liked the band - I never even heard anything else from the band apart from that song. it's more that as a teenager I read too many times about that song as a symbol of then new MTV media hype.

the irony is that video killed the radio star, although released in 1979, became a world hit only two years after thanks to the music video heavily promoted by MTV.

so... I remembered the name, caught the video somewhere down the line and have listened to the song (on the radio :D ) so many times in all those years...Vid

and this song immediately came back to me when I spotted the T-shirt in local store. an ipod shooting the "bleeding" cassette tape. f**king perfect!

couldn't possibly find a better introduction to my new new media blog.

all I meant with that video song memory: It has all happened before. and probably will again...

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30 January 2008


Hello World! - or "this is how this blog begins..."

Hello World!

the above is the result of the "usual" first piece of coding that every Java book teaches you.
although i have never quite quite learned that computer language, i thought that the very "hello world!" might be the most appropriate opening of my blog. that is how my brain works...

sound a bit like "e.t. phone home", doesn't it...

anyway, the very cause of me playing smart here is the course given at the Linköping University. Information Retrieval and New New Media is the name of the brave new course dealing with the media that is even newer than the new media.

the Net is becoming more and more advanced and complex, and so do the media content and channels. it is getting hard to stay on the top of all the new media content. today's hyped sites like YouTube or Facebook are will be old news next year this time and new (new) media sites like jaiku might take their place as well. i mean, who dares to guess what genious web service idea is cooking out there as i write this... remember everyone having iPods 5 years ago? sure not..

a simple fact that this course is being given is encouraging. the fact that it is being given for the first time clearly shows that retrieving information the Net is not anymore just about chaotic following links, googling, typing in url's. the world wide web has became so complexed that the new systematic approach in information retrieval is clearly needed.

well, that's exactly were we the brave students of the 739G05-coded course jump in. :P

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