30 January 2008

Hello World! - or "this is how this blog begins..."

Hello World!

the above is the result of the "usual" first piece of coding that every Java book teaches you.
although i have never quite quite learned that computer language, i thought that the very "hello world!" might be the most appropriate opening of my blog. that is how my brain works...

sound a bit like "e.t. phone home", doesn't it...

anyway, the very cause of me playing smart here is the course given at the Linköping University. Information Retrieval and New New Media is the name of the brave new course dealing with the media that is even newer than the new media.

the Net is becoming more and more advanced and complex, and so do the media content and channels. it is getting hard to stay on the top of all the new media content. today's hyped sites like YouTube or Facebook are will be old news next year this time and new (new) media sites like jaiku might take their place as well. i mean, who dares to guess what genious web service idea is cooking out there as i write this... remember everyone having iPods 5 years ago? sure not..

a simple fact that this course is being given is encouraging. the fact that it is being given for the first time clearly shows that retrieving information the Net is not anymore just about chaotic following links, googling, typing in url's. the world wide web has became so complexed that the new systematic approach in information retrieval is clearly needed.

well, that's exactly were we the brave students of the 739G05-coded course jump in. :P