13 February 2008

Well yeah I'm pimpin' the blog, it's just that you don't see it... kind of... yet. :)


The statement above seems to be the most pathetic excuse I could have come up with. Being a research-freak as I am yet an absolute blogging beginner, I did a little research about this whole phenomena. Yep, I know, I could have just started writing - read: adding substance - instead of wasting my time on the blog package. But hey, that's life... I mean, how many times I have heard the sentence 'one thing led to another'.. And here I am, 48 hours have well passed and the blog does not look fundamentally different as I expected. Still.

Let me shortly state my case.

  • As I started adding widgets and plug-ins to the blog, I was quite irritated because I could not add the nice-looking Amazon list of books widget. Then I went to the Amazon site and found out that the widget is for the WordPress-type blogs and not for the blogger-type blogs. Guess what, this one's a blogger-type one..
  • Of course, than I googled 'WordPress' and found out about all the themes for their blogs! Do these themes look good or what... Than I tried to install the themes to my blogger-blog and did not succeed.
  • ...but I learned that the WP-blogs appear to be more flexible and customizable than blogger-ones. I got that info from several tests-reviews-comparisons on the net. All the tests appear to be in favor of the WordPress.
  • I also learned about the Windows Live-type blogs, and how they are inferior to the previous two types.
  • though I must admit that the Windows Live Writer blogging software is fantastic. It is the WYSIWYG type, I see my blog's web layout directly as I type.
  • At this point of my research I got really into switching to a WP-type blog from this one, blogger-type.
  • So I opened an account at the www.wordpress.com. It was a bit strange at first to get two first hits on Google: the .com and the .org domains for the 'WordPress'. There is a reason for that .. keep reading.
  • So I started the whole free blog package @ WP and was ready to get one of those fabulous themes for my blog and to show it off big-time. Needles to say, the free WordPress.com blogging service does not allow uploading personal themes other than those already listed, but...
  • If I have a web server, then I can upload them to the specific themes folder and blah blah blah... read 'I got lost at this point', just wanted to make my blog look a bit more cool and I ended up writing my points here instead. :)
  • So I figured that the .org domain is the site devoted for setting up a blogging service on personal or servers other than www.wordpress.com. I downloaded an executable WordPress blog package and saved it in a nice cool and hidden folder to deal with it later on...
  • ...and in the meantime I do import my posts from blogger service to WordPress.
  • mediaspotting.wordpress.com is the address of my other blog.

At this point I already had extended my blog-pimping deadline from 48 to 96 hours. Although this blog is new and absolutely unnoticeable in this earth's blogosphere, I still need to show respect to my readers (anyone out there?) and keep adding substance to these pages.

So here I am, now I explained why the blog's layout has not been substantially updated. I hope there's someone on these pages to read it...LOL


PS: I really need that visitor stat widget thing ASAP...