26 February 2008

Yes, We Can... Take This Blog Away!

Imagine this ultimate spin: Barack Obama helping promote my blog?!

I am not sure if that has been done before. It fits perfectly my post, I must admit. Plus I got that momentary inspiration I cannot resist, so it may be worth the buzz. Look at it this way: I get a helping hand from a famous politician and you get to see all those beautiful celebrities in the YouTube Obama music video. And, I like the message he is spreading. Do you? Lets play the tune. Than, I will tell you what this post is all about, and you might even end up actually LISTENING to all this.

The real question of this post is following: Do you like reading? I do. What else can you do while reading? Anything? Can you read a book and drive a car? No? Well, yes! You can. Make your change - from reading to listening. 

Now, I will ask again: Do you like reading blogs? Do you have all the time you need to read  your favorite blogs? Huh? Err. I thought so. And how about you actually listening to mp3 blog? Just like a podcast!

Here's the best part. You CAN take this blog away with you. Just like takeaway pizza. Yes, I am that cheap!

Start subscription and dare to listen to this magnificent blog on your gadget of choice by clicking the "audio blog - podcast" banner above the top post or just click here, and choose your RSS reader or media manager, Mediamonkey, iTunes, Winamp or your audio software of choice. The smart brains from Odiogo made this magic possible.

So go ahead, make my day and take this blog away!