07 March 2008

Lost constant

Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon writing the review of the book for my university course. That is why the post is called Deadlines, deadlines. Deadline has been met, so now I can write down some of the brainstorming, that modern TV media leaves me with every week with the mystery sneaking of of the TV show Lost. My favorite one, definitely.

So, just before I dive into looking the recorded latest episode of Lost, the sixth one in Season 4, I will reflect a bit on the last week's episode, the Constant.

The lost writers introduced the idea of time travel, where the concept itself is not a physical travel, but a sort of a dreamy trip. Time travel here is a consciousness jumping back in time into the body, and not the body itself. A body is just a container, being used as a station in time-travel. The consciousness is being initiated and it goes back to a place in timeline, where it fixes things, and changes the events in it's future-to-come. Authors are specific in their idea of time travel into future not being possible, while going back in time is possible.

The question is, whether all flashbacks, we have seen so far, are really just flashbacks in someone's memory, or, they are actually limited time-travels initiated by the island's powers.

You can not change the future.

This Faraday's line Is a part of an interesting mind-game here. Going back to past enables changing the present UP to the point in time, from where the time-traveler goes back to past. So, Lost's time-travel concept has limitation future-wise. Well, it remains to be seen.

Is Daniel Faraday's time on island his present, or is it him going back in time, in order to fix something in his yet-to-come present? Now, this was a brave piece of thinking. Desmond being Daniel's constant can be something Daniel Faraday is yet to learn in his future, from which he travels back in time to the Losties present in 2004. The point is that it does not have to be something he wrote in his diary back in 1996, after he had met Desmond's consciousness, traveling back in time to initiate Faraday, and become his constant. Writers certainly do leave a space open just enough for various options to take place in future episodes. My theories might be possible, if we follow the time-travel pattern, given so far in the Lost.

So, to cut a long story short, going back and forth in time has a limitation, when it comes to the forth-part of travel. It is like a writing down a book. If you decide to change something in the story, you are free to go back to certain page and change the story, a sentence, a word, a letter, or a comma. However, changing the pages in future is impossible, because these pages do not exist yet. They have not been written. That is my Lost theory for this week. Huh?

A final, not-cleared piece of thinking here is following. When Penny answers Desmond's call from year 2004, she does not specify what year it is for her. She says, however, that she has been looking for him for three years. That might fit into the Lost story, where the Flight 815 crash takes place in 2004, and three years later, in 2007, she receives Desmond's call. Is this Desmond making the telephone call three years into outer world's future? If theories about time passing slower on the island, than in the real world, are true, then we might see those Losties who having left the island are going directly into the 2007. Wow, what an inspiration!

OK. Thanks for your attention. Now, I am off to the new Lost episode!


Ganaife said...

Hey, I have also addicted in this movie, next episodes Saed and Desmond will encounter with Micheal who is the father of Volt. And... In my country this movie is appearing on the same episode as you got. This one is wasting my time, i know that, But i'm still watching, Ha ha