04 March 2008

They have no idea

20080303_1727(1) I have just received a customer service e-mail from my cell-phone producer. It's Sony Ericsson. In my free translation from Swedish, it says:

Dear Mirza,

I am sure that you are still fascinated with your k750i. Have you already checked how much more your phone can do?

I am not sure whether these people read my posts, or what?

I just suddenly feel compelled to state officially that my phone is NOTHING like the device they sold me. At least from the inside. As for the outside, it is worn a bit, but, as I wrote a week ago, it has grown to a monster, hidden in a deceiving k750i-shell.

Furthermore, they advise me to visit their corporate web site,

where you will find a number of products and services, that will help you to get the most of your phone.

Needless to say, phone users community-driven sites and applications have already lifted the phone to the next level, and upgraded phones' capabilities beyond the company's paid services. But wait, there is some common sense here:

What do you say about the free-of-charge online tools for...

This one came as a surprise! It is nice that company offers free tools, it is just that these tools have been available online for "ages". These have been written by and for the users community. The corporation has been widely by-passed by smart users, who share their knowledge among themselves, but not with the corporation itself.

I bet that Sony-Ericsson cannot figure our why I still have my old, nearly three-year old model, instead of getting in line, and consuming their latest, and not necessarily always better gadgets.

Oh those poor corporations! They have no idea. Will they ever learn?