20 February 2008

Blood Money

"Nobel invented dynamite. I won't accept his blood money!"

Yeah, I really couldn't help myself not to blog on this one. I am obviously in the middle of Season 2 of the TV-show House M.D. and I usually watch whole seasons in one piece. That way I don't get to wait for a week or so for another episode and forget the most of the stuff that previously happened.

Speaking of doctor House, it is hard not to like his sarcasm. He treats his patients, co-workers, and bosses equally tough, and that is exactly what makes us, the audience, feel good about ourselves. The genius his character possesses, and his encyclopedic knowledge made me change my mind about the whole show.

House is a good person. It is not because of the blood money statement about the Noble price. It because of his weird angle on things where you cannot really morally argue with him. Siege the moment, that's what he is best at. And for that I take my hat off. If I only had one...

I could ask you whether you like House or not, but I suspect the answer would be obvious. Wouldn't it?